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Happy Easter Sunday!


Today, I did a quick shoot for Easter Sunday theme along with my bunnies.

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[Event] Sword Art Online EX Chronicle in KYOTO

Earlier this year.  I was able to attend SAO event in Kyoto.  luckily it coincide with my January-February trip.  So I was able to join this exciting event

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Happy 40th Birthday Mizuki Nana!

On this year, we are celebrating a lot of events circling around Nana-chan.

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Beach Adventure and Summer Memories

Few weeks ago, I get to experience beach here in my country.  Its my first virgin experience on my own land.   But counting from beach experience.  This would be my second time since I was able to experience it last summer back in Japan.  Yes,


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Happy 39th Birthday Mizuki Nana!


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My adventures on Live Island

Few months ago, I had my dream upon me came true. There were plenty of challenges.  But alas,  My very long long dream to attend Mizuki Nana’s concert happened finally. Read the rest of this page »

Happy 38th Birthday, Nana Mizuki!!!


Today is one of the very special event for me during January.  After Christmas and New year, January 21 is another date where I celebrate.  Yup, Its Nana Mizuki’s birthday!!!

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Happy 37th Birthday Nana-chan!


Today is January 21st and this special day goes to our Utahime, Nana Mizuki-chan.

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My Animax Carnival 2016 experience

Animax Carnival was held this past weekend October 15-16 at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. What’s exciting about this conventions is the concert where 4 artist will be performing for 2 days. That is ELISA and Yanagi Nagi for the first day and Ami Wajima and May’n for the second day.

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Happy 36th Birthday Nana Mizuki


Today is 21st of January, a really fine day.  36 years ago, my beloved utahime has been born in this world, a songstress which gave me hope on a certain part of my life.  Nana Mizuki, who gently sing inside my heart everyday is celebrating her 36th birthday today!  Come and join us on this special day of her.

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