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Rapunzel to be dubbed by Shoko Nakagawa

Known for its cat head eating habit, hundreds of cosplayed character, singer, blogger and more to mention.

Otaku – Queen Shoko Nakagawa to do another voice project.

The upcoming Disney CG-animated film, ”Tangled“, revolves around the story of Rapunzel. Japan will see a dubbed release on March 12th, 2011, and multi-talented Shoko Nakagawa has been chosen to lend her voice for ‘Princess Rapunzel’.

Shoko said, “I feel nervous and have a lot of pressure, since it’s a Disney animation. Yet when I read the script, I became excited for Rapunzel’s adventure. I will draw inspiration from it everyday, and try my best while working on it.”

Nakagawa Shoko had previous seiyuu experience through various Pokémon movies, and is widely known as the “Blog Queen” of Japan.

Additionally, “Tangled” will be the 50th animated feature in the ‘Walt Disney Animated Classics’ series.

I’ll definitely watch the Japanese version of this =)


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