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Rockman Online

Another great AniGame has been made into Online Game by Korea. After the success of the SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, Dragon Ball Z Online and Digimon RPG and its sequel Digimon RPG II.

Rockman or most known as Megaman ins US ver.  is blasting its way as an MMOG.

Here’s the teaser trailer of the game

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

In Game Trailer

The game was produced by pmang and Capcom and is scheduled to be launched on March 2011.

The game does not only cover Rockman, but Rockman X as well.

I guess this is the continuation of the Rockman X8 since we didn’t get any x9 and we got RockmanZero as the future continuation of Rockman X saga.

Maybe it will take a year or more before we get an international release of this game. Since Korean has an KSSN (Korean Social Security Number) players who are non Korean nationality can’t play this game, unless you know some Korean friend who can lend you their KSSN. xD

Man, I got excited about this game since I love X so much


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