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Happy Halloweens from MxG

Happy Halloweens guys ^o^

Its been a very long time since I last post in here.  Well, I’m busy with nothing, that is why I update rarely ^^;;


Enjoy the pictures and a little story I came up with ^o^





“The witches”

One day, there are 2 witch who drop by on the nearest cemetery to take a stroll


When suddenly they encounter a tombstone


Kud: Hey, isn’t this the place where King Arthur’s body lies?


Sumomo: I dunno, I heard it was nowhere to be found


“Let’s try digging”

They dig,

and then


and then dig

when they finally saw something…


Kud: See, I told ya

Sumomo: We’re not yet sure until we open it

Saber Mummy: Raaaaawr~

Kud: Waaaaaaaaaaah – fuuuuuuuuuu~

Saber: Raaaaaaawr~

Sumomo: *faints*

*The end*



Kudryavka Noumi

Sumomo Akihime



Saber mummy

I only use my 1.3 MP cellphone camera so please bear with the pictures >.<

thats’ all guys ^o^ I hope you enjoy the story xD



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