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TOC xmas party

Its been some quite time since I last attended a group Christmas party.

Team Onii-chan’s firt xmas party was held last December 17,2011

A little background for the group

Team Onii-chan is a group of individuals who share  the same interest for anime figure collecting (just like me ^^) Team Onii-chan or TOC for short provides display of anime figures on conventions held in the Philippines.  TOC was formed this April of the same year to provide a display of figures in Ozine fest.  Most recent is the AME Monogatari which I myself participated in.

 Other than that, TOC is not just a group for anime figure display purposes, but a family of figure collectors”

The Meet up place is at Greenhills, where massive of toys are for sale.

NOTE: pls do not come to this place if you dont have a cash to spend, or you’ll end up drooling just like me.

The party took place at Yumemiya,  a Japanese restaurant

Anyway, since I didn’t bring a camera on that day, I ended up not having any picu for the whole day T___T

Here is the food that I ordered

Udon Beef Bowl


The lady said it was good for two…

It really is!!! Since I am just  half a size, Nanoha and Mineva help me to to sip all the soup.

Before the party ends, an exchange gift took place.  Each member draws a paper, and on the paper whose name is written, you will give him your gift.

Here’s what I’ve got

Nendoroid Pucchi Rin

from Scary.chii. ^o^ Will be sure to take care of her

That’s it, it was fun while it lasted.  ’till next x-mas party TOC ^o^

Here is the full blog regarding the party ext link

Credits to Adam for the picu of my food ^o^


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