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Waku Waku is now our new affliates

Since the head of Waku Waku gave me discount when I bought the Fate Testarossa plushie from the last event, I told him that in exchange, I will post his Anime shop in my blog.

Waku Waku Anime Hobby  Shop, is a store that sells any anime goodies.  The head of Waku Waku can also hunt some products for you by request.

All of their products are authentic of course, so you don’t have to worry getting scam.

Check out their store located at Ground Flr. FBR Arcade 317 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Height, Quezon City

Facebook:  wakuwaku

Multiply: wakuwakuhobbies,


Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines

Due to the continuous success of Team Oniichan, the head of the group decided to make a forum, for us to find more individuals and make them as our new friend and figure comrade collector.


(Late) Happy Valentines Day

I’m late XD

But better than never…


Did not have the chance to take some pictures for this valentines, so I’ll just let my daughter greet you in my place


Happy Valntines Day minna~

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