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Figma: Fate Testarossa “Lightning Form” ver.

MaxFactory has started its pre-order for the Figma Fate Testarossa : “Lightnnig Form” from the movie “Mahou Shoujo Lyrcal Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s”.

Wearing her newly designed Barrier Jacket and the intelligent device rod Bardiche on its new form, Bullova.

She is scheduled to be release this February 2013 for 3,500 Yen
You can start your pre – order on participating shops or get it on here at Plamoya.

The cape is now run by a ball joint.  For better pose and actions.

I still can’t settle for this one even though I love Fate so much.

I’m not on to Figma’s and Im still waitng if they will produce an AcTsta ver. someday.


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