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Still Alive and Kickin’ ^o^

Hi, its been a while since I last post something here.

I’ve been very busy with nothing on the past XD
I really wanted to post something new in here, but just can’t think of anything.
lately it was just some hauls and some more hauls I’ve been posting and havent had the time to do review or a figure shoot. Also got my gear broken last December T_T well, don’t worry about that much ’cause I got a newer one but not that superior compare to the last one.

Here is my latest shot, using Sony Cybershot.

ALTER Fate Testarossa ver. Phantom Minds

I took this photo to match my friend’s Nanoha’s Stand By Ready photo which is my source of inspiration for this picu.  So, I did not bother taking different angles and pose. Well it turned out so good than I expected, Its a new achievement for me ^o^

Moving on, for my upcoming post, I plan to do some picture review of my existing figures and toys. Mainly I will took pictures of it, but will not do an in-depth review of it. I know that I am not updated on some new stuffs, for I’m still trying to get all the past release that I’ve missed out. But doing that will help me gain some experience when shooting figures and hope I can get s

Here is my glass display cabinet, I took this photo around November 2012 last year.

Showcasing my pair of SQ Figure MSL Nanoha Movie 1st and some few small figures.

Finally, I know that this beloved blog of mine doesn’t get updated regularly, I’m really trying my best to come up with some new post. So I hope you can still visit this little part of my world. I plan to continue this, for I know this is one of the records that I can see for myself on how I progress with my hobby and interest and a blog that I can share with the future generations.


P.S Alive and Kicking is also one of Nana Mizuki’s Album title


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