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Unboxing the new member

Just a little photo-story I took while they unbox the newest member of MxG.

Here are participants who volunteered to open the box.

Saber and my waifu of course, Fate-chan >.< (she is shou~ kawaii XD)

Here are the tools they will be using, They’re weapon, Excalibur for Saber and Bardiche Zanber form for fate-chan, a Ladder and a Safety hat.

Now, moving on to the process

Fate-chan prepares the ladder

Saber charge with her Excalibur



Now, its Fate-chan’s turn.

ME: I can really open it, you don’t have to do help or you might just get hurt.
Fate-chan: But I want to do it for you

wahhh~ can’t resist the smile and her eagerness to open it



Now, all the tapes on the top and sides has been dealt, only the lifting of the upper door of the box is left.

and so…

Fate-chan and Saber: yaaa~ shyaaa


(ooh, poor Fate-chan, lifting the box door with her full strenght XD)


(The king is giving her best as well)

And at last…

the box door has been flipped ^o^

Both of them looking at the box.

Now, who might be the new member of my family?

Both of them looks very happy and excited.

Note:  The safety hat that you see in featured tools to be used wasn’t use by Saber and Fate-chan, because they find it kinda off-fashion.

“Please Be careful when working”

I let Tsukasa wear it, and surprisingly I find her cute with the hat ^^


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