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Ichiban Kuji: Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s prize campaign

Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji Nanoha makes another comeback for another prize campaign.
This is their 2nd set of release for the Movie 2nd A’s. The first one was release around February.

The campaign starts last August 31, 21013.

This Ichiban Kuji of Nanoha is only available at Sunkus, a convenience store in Japan.  Unlike with the others that are present on other conbini Lawson, 7-11, etc.   Each try cost for 800 yen and its a lottery, which means you can only count on your pure luck at drawing the lucky card.

I’m not from Japan, but a very lovely friend of mine lives there and partake on the event on my stead XD

This set highlights are non-scale figures, “A” Nanoha Takamachi (Exelion Mode) “B” Fate Testarossa (Balze Form) and “C” Hayate Yagami. Prize “D” is a 3 separate Original Clear Poster of Nanoha, Fate and Hayate on a their mizugi’s. Prize “E” is a Device Pen of Laevatein and Graf Eisen. Prize “F” is a Rubber Keychain with 4 different back to back character designs. Nanoha and Fate, Hayate and Reinforce, Signum and Shamal, Vita and Zafira.  Prize “G” is a Clear File with 3 different characters and contains 5 pcs per character and has different designs.  Lastly is “H”, which is 5 kinds of Kyun Chara plus 1 secret character which is a total of six designs.  Nanoha Exelion Mode, Fate blaze Form, Hayate, Reinforce, Reinforce Nachtwal ver. and as for the secret character its no other than Fate Testarossa in Sonic Form. (My guess on here before is Alicia or Hayate on a Unison)


My friend went to the nearest Sunkus at Kameoka, the nearest one within the city, its roughly 40 mins. of driving.

When he arrived at the store

Only 5 pcs of the products are remaining.

The clerk said to him: “All items arrived at exactly 4 AM.  We started campaign at 5AM and at 6 AM 90% of the items are sold”.

and it was a 1 hour dream for everyone who was on that store.

What an event.  For an hour, almost everything is sold.  It kinda make me happy, for there are lots of Mahou Shoujo Nanoha Fans. ^o^

But kinda sad for my friend who went there just to try the lottery.

He tried going to another near Sankus, and unfortunately for him… same story as the first one, leaving only the consolation prizes.

and of course he is my dear friend, and giving up doesn’t exist on our friendship xD

He went to the third store which was one hour driving from his place.



Look, there are still some quite stocks remaining  in here. ^O^

He made a total of 15 tries, and I tell it, he’s kinda lucky ^_~

or maybe because we use a certain chant XD

First 5 tries are,  E,  H(x2),  D, G he thought of stopping because it was all consolation prize.  But he aims at least to get both of E for the Device Pen is really cool.

then on the second try, “B”. (woo~ a top prize)

B is one of the hardest you can get along with A and C ; for they are the top prize and only 3 pcs. are available for grabs per letter on each store.

Here are all the loots he got from the event on the 1st day.

B, D of Nanoha and Hayate, E Graf Eisen and Laevatein, F all designs, G Nanoha and 4 H

Its almost complete  and of course, having the B made me the happiest XD

This Movie 2nd A’s set has W-chance campaign as well

By registering the digits on the return ticket, you can earn a chance of winning the Special Figure set of Nanoha and Fate.

But expect that the chance are slim.

Here are some close looks on the items

Prize “B” Fate Testarossa -Blaze Form-

Prize “D” Nanoha and Hayate Original Clear Poster

Prize “E” Graf Eisen and Laevatein Device Pen

Prize “F” keychain Holder

Prize “G” Nanoha Clear File Collection

Prize “H” Kyun Chara

Prize Items holds extreme value and rarity for me, for its an item that cannot be bought regularly and only few people has it.   The quality of the figure is fine for me, its a prize, and not for sale item.  So if you are looking for a better quality, wait for more releases from the other companies.

Also, a brand new Ichiban Kuji  set for Nanoha series is coming again this October.

This time its the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocent.  Check the site for more info and news

You can try Mandarake or Yahoo Japan Auction if you are looking for some related items. ^o^

Special thanks to my friend in Japan, for the items, the pictures and your story adventure

“本当に ありがとう ございます” ^O^


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