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Nana Mizuki – Lovely Fruit ver. Nendoroid

Let me present this Lovely Diner that was created by ME and with the help of my mom.

I receive my Nendoroid Nana Mizuki right after her last concert tour back in August. BTW, Thanks you so much my onii-chan ^w^.

^And on the following months, we start creating this diorama of Lovely Diner which is the setting use for the Lovely Fruit PV of Nana Mizuki.

First, let’s take a peak of the restaurant.


Now, lets proceed with the main dish XD

Featuring the Nendoroid of Nana Mizuki on her cute waitress outfit on her very own Lovely Diner restaurant.

Nana-chan attending to her customers.

Homura-chan and Hinagiku ordering for a Strawberry Parfait.

Kud-chan and Tsukasa-chan are both excited for the cake.

A bonus on-house donut for the “Most Lovely Couple” Nanoha and Fate-chan.

And now, carrying a deluxe set.

She looks so cute carrying the plate >w<

But, accident happens


OMG, Nana-chan slipped and the plate that she was carrying…

… are all wasted on the floor.


that poor look of Nana-chan… she’s crying already T____T

Just be extra careful next time Nana-chan.

On the main floor, welcoming all the guest

“Welcome to  Lovely Diner”

Nana-chan MOE charm is over 1000%

“Do you want some of my Lovely Fruit candies?”

“All of your orders are now set here” ^ω^

“Waffle, Cake, Burger and Parfait are now serve on the table”

“Hi, and Welcome to Lovely Diner ^^”

“I’m waitress Nana-chan ^^”

“Give me your hand and I’ll share some of my Lovely Fruit candy”

Eating a Lovely Fruit candy makes everyone smiles  ^O^

Now let’s take a look on those who receive a Love;y Fruit candy from waitress Nana-chan.

“I’ll have one for myself too”

And now she’s all over with the cake

“Itadakimasu, Lovely Fruit”

“いただきますLovely Fruit

The above picture was my most favorite among those that I took.  She looks very cute with the wink and she blends perfectly on the background.

If you have seen the PV of Lovely Fruit, you will notice that I imitate some of the scenes that was shown on the PV.

Most specially the diorama, which is based on Lovely Diner set that was use as the setting of the Lovely Fruit PV ^o^

Another shot of it, since she is shou kawaii~ ^o^

And now sadly, our cute waitress saying a little goodbye with a wink as she goes to the staff room.

“Please, visit here again and see more of my appearance very soon

Thank you for seeing me ^^”

I hope Nana Mizuki herself can see this pictures of her nendoroid self and the diorama of Lovely Diner that me and my mom created dedicated for her ^o^

I am really a big fan of you Mizuki Nana >.<

You can view the PV of Lovely Fruit

Video Source: YouTube


5 responses

  1. This is wonderful. Great work. 🙂

    October 20, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    • Thanks~
      I’m glad you like it ^^

      October 20, 2013 at 4:40 pm

  2. xiaobear

    This is amazing 8D
    thank you for sharing with us such an amazing piece of work ww
    is it possible to have an overview shot?? :O

    October 20, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    • Thanks~

      And sure, I’ll take some overview shot of it ^^

      October 21, 2013 at 2:52 am

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