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Ichiban Kuji Prize B: Fate Testarossa -Review-

Its been ages since I last review a figure in here.  Just like I said on my previous comeback post, I will be doing a figure picture review, but since this one is just recently released, I will be giving a detailed review about it.

As a start, lets see the overview of the box

As always, the box of an Ichiban Kuji is just plain.  With the logo name of the anime, character name and its prize category. But, what catches my attention is the Mid-childa seal of Fate inside the box.

Although not perfectly circled, It gives a distinctive feeling of Fate Testarossa.

Let’s take a look at the overview of the figure.

On the second campaign run of the Movie 2nd A’s Ichiban Kuji.  Fate is wearing her Blaze Form Barrier Jacket . With a cheerful expression on her face while holding the Bardiche in Zanber Form.

The front view of the figure.

Left side view

Right side view

Rear view

A much closer look of Fate

So far, I don’t see any negative flaw on this figure.  The details are just fine, although the face is a little off on some angle of the camera and the hair color is a little bit light on some part while on the other part are a bit darker.

The armor on her arm is very well painted, with a nice metallic color feeling.

The twin tailed hair are well detailed, with a twisted drill look.

The base consist of Zanber Form and 2 supporters.

And yet again, the cool Mid – Childa seal of Fate.  I like this yellow and white combination color.

I have the same Mid – Childa seal logo of Fate, but on a combination of black and gold printed on the [ALTER] 1/7 Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds- base.

I have a white one now ^w^

Now, lets talk about the stand and how Fate can stand.

There is this white diagonal peg that is attached on her right foot.

On the other side, it is the Zanber form that holds her entire weight.

A peg that also supports on the leg

There’s a hole on her leg which is a snap fit with the smaller supporter pole.

The tall supporter is just for her cape, so that it can stand a little bit higher.

Without the 2 pole supporters, she can actually holds on her own, but it may lean if it was displayed without the leg supporter for too long.  So if you own a figure of her, its much recommended to use the leg supporter.

The cape can also be remove.

The last 2 pictures is the angle which I like the most. It is rarely to see Fate on a Barrier Jacket with a smile on her face.

And yet, on this view I can feel the calmness of Fate knowing that there is no danger around her. ^o^

The only thing that caught me off on this is the Zanber Form of Bardiche is made half.  It could be better if its whole but, the pose of the figure will be changed.  This figure is just a prize item, and asking for a better one is too much.

So far, this is still the only figure of Fate Testarossa in Blaze Form.  If you have any plan on getting this one, its not a bad choice.

This figure is well made and just balance on every aspect.  Not so good and not so bad.


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