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Lovely Fruit – Mizuki Nana ver. Nendoroid take II

Here’s my part 2 of Lovely Diner Featuring Mizuki Nana on her cute nendoroid form.

Plus an overview shot of the set and of course, our lovely Mizuki Nana on her nendoroid form ^o^

A special request of one of my viewers on the last Lovely Diner shoot ^_~

It took me a long time to re shoot the whole Lovely Diner set.  I’ve been busy with some little things, including the next project for Nana nendo I’m working on.  Also, been tweaking the lights and asking some friends about the lighting set up, since its a bit dark on some part of the diorama.

Thanks to my friend over here who helps me with the ideas for the lightings

Anyways, here are the 2nd set of photos of the Lovely Diner, which is based on the settings of Lovely Fruit PV by Mizuki Nana.

I’ll start with the overview of the set

and a little close up view of the set

That’s it for the sides of the set, and now for our main dish…

“Welcome Back to Lovely Diner!~ What would you like for today?”

Nana welcomes us all on the Lovely Diner. ^O^

And now…

…the customers are arriving one by one

Its Nanoha and Fate-chan dining in right after they come home from school.

They’re both so cute holding hands while hurrying and asking for a seat for 2.

And of course our lovely waitress welcomes them with a sweet smile ^_^

Its Homura and Hinagiku arriving as well

“A table for 2?”

Continuing from the arrival of the guests, someone is asking for an order now

Oh, its Kurisu’s tomodachi, Kud and Tsukasa

“Hai~ 3 Parfait, coming!”


wow, that was fast~

3 parfaits for these cuties and a slice of cake

How full of sweets they’re having now ^^;;

Let’s take a peak on those enjoying their orders by now.

Homura with a Parfait and donut, and Hinagiku with a DX burger, Just what you expect on a student council. xD

moving on

Its our cute lovely couple Nanoha and Fate, enjoying their  Parfait and Fruit mix.

Even me wants to have a taste on those delicious parfait :3


As usual, Nanoha-chan looks so delightful seeing her fruit mix ^o^

Fate-chan looks so amaze on her parfait XD

Now that everyone got their orders, waitress Nana will show seats for more upcoming customers.

“We have more available seats here…

...and here as well”

Nana-chan is so cute showing vacant seats  =^o^=

Seating on the car.

This pic is inspired from one of the scenes in the Lovely Fruit PV, wherein Nana is singing while seating on the hood of the car.

So cute of her  =>.<=

Can’t resist with the overload moe-ness of Nana-chan

“Hello and welcome to Lovely Diner”

A n-new waitress on training O_O

A cute smile with a peace sign.

I’ve been using the peace hand sign on her so much, it truly fits her. :3

The peace hand is not included on the nendoroid Nana Mizuki, but you can get one on nendoroid Yui Hirasawa of K-On! or Sanzenin Nagi of Hayate no Gotoku.

“Lovely Fruit”

And again, my most favorite shot.

The Lovely Diner background gives a cute aura.  Even on the Lovely Fruit PV, Nana-chan is cho-kawaii when she was singing on that background.

The same place where I took my favorite shot of Nana nendo last time, The Lovely Diner Background

Well, that’s all for the 2nd set of the Lovely Diner featuring Nendoroid Nana Mizuki.

I hope you enjoy your 2nd visit to my blog and Nana-chan’s Lovely Diner.

I’m sure Nana-chan is happy to see you again.

Thanks~ and we do hope to see you again~

NOTE: You can see my previous cover on the Lovely Diner in here


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