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2014! 1st January Loots

Its the 1st month of 2014 and at the same time, the last day of the month

Sharing my new hauls courtesy of my “Dear Friend” from Japan who just recently visit and flew back again just this passed day.



Otanjoubi Omedetou~ NANA!

Today is January 21st, and its the day we celebrate Nana-chan’s birthday ^o^


NANA Winter Festa 2014 has just end this last weekend, too bad that I didn’t get to watch it live.

Next time!

Well for now, let’s celebrate Nana-chan’s birthday ^o^


Nana-chan leveled up today into 34 (3+4=7 NANA)

Seriously, Yeah, she turned 34 this year, and even if she ages yearly, she still looks 18 to me.

Anyways, let us start the party, of course anyone is welcome to join us ^^ (more…)