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Otanjoubi Omedetou~ NANA!

Today is January 21st, and its the day we celebrate Nana-chan’s birthday ^o^


NANA Winter Festa 2014 has just end this last weekend, too bad that I didn’t get to watch it live.

Next time!

Well for now, let’s celebrate Nana-chan’s birthday ^o^


Nana-chan leveled up today into 34 (3+4=7 NANA)

Seriously, Yeah, she turned 34 this year, and even if she ages yearly, she still looks 18 to me.

Anyways, let us start the party, of course anyone is welcome to join us ^^


Here are my cute ones, celebrating Nana-chan’s birthday as well XD


and of course, our birthday celebrant… NANA-chan!

with her friends ^o^

Everyone is so happy in the picture, its like its their birthdays as well :3

Cure Blossom (Tsubomi) and Tsubasa which is also voiced by Nana Mizuki ^.~

Look, Nana-chan received gifts from Fate, Cure Blossom and Tsubasa

and looks dere dere over it XD

“I wonder what’s inside”

Nana-chan enjoying her birthday cake

She looks so excited in here.


Of course, it wont be a real birthday if there is no CAKE!

Chocolate Caramel Cake for Nana-chan today

another surprise for her! 🙂

I let everyone gather with the cake to take pic of them. ahihi

The Cake looks delicious isn’t it?

Well, let’s have Nana-chan eat it later 😉

Let’s all sing a song for Nana-chan this time

Happy Birthday to you  ♪

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday Dear Nana ♪

Happy birthday to you ♪ ♫♫♪


And now, the most awaiting part 😀


Say “AHHH~”

Nana-chan eating the cake looks so kawaii >o<

Have you made your order for Nendoroid Nana Mizuki? If so, GoodSmile Company said that she will be shipped on the 23rd of January, so expect yours to arrive soon ^^


So, to end this, Lets greet Nana Mizuki ah big big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


いただきます Lovely Cake?

Itadakimasu, Lovely Cake?


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