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Kureha and Hinagiku in swimsuits

So, few weeks ago, we just watched the screening of the Final episode of Gundam UC: Over the Rainbow.  After the movie and some little detour on the Gunpla contest that day, went straight ahead to my friend’s house.  I saw these 2 beauties, calling me.  I had the urge to to take a quick shoot for these 2 girls instantly.


I am not really prepared when I took these photos, I only have my camera when I head out, and a tripod on my friend’s house.  So basically no other equipments been use. so pardon for the low light, dark and some too flashy images.



[MaxFactory] 1/8 Kureha Touka of Shining Wind

 One of the most popular character that Tony Taka has drawn.

[Kotobukiya] 1/6 Katsura Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku

The tough and strict Student Council President, Hinagiku-san.


To be honest, I was really surprised with Kotobukiya on this one, its quite good and it caught Hinagiku’s face and body well.  Considering it was release years ago.

Both figure are years old now, but still good and can still par with the latest releases.


Soon after I got home, my friend just told me that he has a photo booth and some light stuffs in there. :/ hahah


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