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Valvrave Hito -Painted Build-

Let me present something new today

Valvrave Hito (Innocent Zero) from the anime Kakumeiki Valvrave. This kit was commissioned to me. I got this project last June and it took me until end of September to get it done.

I haven’t finished watching this anime yet, despite the fact that the OP theme was sang by Mizuki Nana (along with T.M Revolution). I’ve only seen the 1st season and yet some others tell me not to finish it, or my world might get crazy XD

Collecting model kits is one of my hobbies too. It was actually the starting point of my collecting life right before I started figures. Currently, I don’t have any plans to adopt any Valvrave kits.  I can’t seem to find any interest on their mech designs.   But I’m planning to get and paint a Cross Ange model kit if ever they release one. Since Sunrise is responsible for the anime, Bandai will surely make its way on it. 😀

Anyways, lets move on to the painted kit review.

This kit is made by Bandai, the same company who brought us Gunpla series. Its scale is close to the HG 1/144 scale of the Gundam line. And as usual, you need to paint it after you build it. Some other parts were colored wrong or either you will need to apply the stickers seal which is not good in my opinion.

The kit itself is overall good , the articulation is great and can imitate different pose.

The most challenging part for me was the katana.

The whole part was transparent so I had to focus and be more extra careful for the details.

Same thing goes for the sickle.

Also, the kit includes different kind of weapons and gimmicks.

The effect parts was also transparent, I painted it with clear pink to replicate the one seen in the anime.

I just followed the paint schemes on what is shown on the box, the instruction manual has nothing but the how-to-build steps.
So far, I am quite satisfied on the result of this project.  It turned out well considering some parts are hard to paint because of the lack of details to follow on. I am still a beginner and still has room for improvements. But what’s important is, I’ve enjoyed painting this kit a lot. ^o^

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new content. Aside from figure photography and little reviews, I’ll add this Painted build kits project that I’ve accomplished on to this blog. So expect some other in the future… See ya~


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