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Christmas with nendoroids

Merry Christmas everyone ^_^

I hope you are enjoying this day

This is my X-mas card for this year.  Another photo shoot I took with my nendoroids. Nanoha, Fate-chan, Nana-chan, Milhi and Leon-sama.  I hope you like them.


Here is the set up I made this year.  A bit lively than last year’s greetings.


Santa Nanoha with gifts beside her.

Have you seen the appearance of Santa Nanoha? you can view it here


Princess Millhi and Nana-chan in Santa outfits are too adorable.


Fate-chan and Leon-sama together with Dauma.




Leon-sama together with her reindeer, the Gallant Douma is ready to deliver gifts around the world.


The little Santa Girls are hanged on a Christmas Santa sock XD

They look so cute on it.

And finally…

Here’s Nana-chan sharing gifts for everyone~


Merry Christmas, I hope for everyone to be super happy this day (≧▽≦)

Enjoy your party and gifts and may you be all blessed this day. ^O^



I made too many post regarding Christmas just this past few days.  Also to cope up with my absence as well XD

Oh, and I made a tag for my previous Christmas post.  You can check it in here


One response

  1. Cuteness all over, esdpecially Fate and Nana ❤

    December 25, 2014 at 10:06 am

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