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[GSC] Love Live! Honoka Kosaka (Review)

Today I’ll be sharing you a little review.

GoodSmile Company 1/8 scale Honoka Kosaka from the anime Love Live!

To be honest I am not a fan of this show. I liked their character designs, a really colorful and cute girls dancing and singing. Yes I watched both seasons and I will surely watched the upcoming movie as well.

Personally, I find any other figure that has no changeable part option boring (except swimsuit figures).

The feeling when you opened the box and just get the figure then look at it from different angle is too simple.  If I displayed it or even if I took pictures of it would feel too plain for me.

Let’s take a look at the box first.

The sides are the usual angle shots of the figure.

This box is a little different from the ones I have. It has a foil glitter reflection when hit by a light. Making it unique and perfectly match with the anime’s theme.

The box size is not too big so you wouldn’t need to worry on shipping cost.

Make sure you check the seal of Bandai Visual and H Japan to make sure what you’re getting is authentic.

And now Let’s take a look on the base

It looks too simple in my taste.  It has the same look and pattern you will usually get from the prize figures.  The name is almost unseen, thanks to the light pink pattern that is overrunning through the name of the character. Well in any case, adding too much design won’t do a thing.  The figure’s pose attracts us more to look at her than bother looking on her stand.

Now with the actual figure.

Wearing her outfit “Bokura wa ima no naka de”.  You can see Honoka and the rest of the u’s wearing this during the opening of the 1st season.

Let’s take a look around her.

Her pose was caught while performing on stage and does look like she’s moving.

Her posture in here is like what the typical idols do during their stage performance stretching their arms and reaching us. Inviting everyone to come and sing with her.

Such a lovely smile, who would’t fall in love on an idol smiling with pure feelings?

On this angle it will look a little good if she is holding a mic.  But since u’s are a singing and dancing idol, a lapel mic would be better.  But Honoka doesn’t have one either.  At time like this is where the interchangeable part I was talking about would come handy. They could have include a mic that can be put or removed so that the figure has more option for either display or for photo shoot purposes.

A really cheerful look on every angle,

Let us take deep look on her dress!

The gold chain makes the skirt more standing.  And the checkered pattern design brings out more detailed looks.

One of the skirt part is made with a black clear part, making us wonder if we can see something through XD

The skirt is greatly sculpted having multiple layers and due to her pose that is supposed to be moving, it looks like the skirt is being  flown due to force of dancing.

The frills on her dress look so realistic.

Her belly part is exposed.  Letting us have a little peek on her lovely waistline and belly button.  This gives Honoka a little sexy feeling.

The details of the dress are well made, from the frills of the dress and up to the raffles of the skirt.

The back of the hand gloves has a hole shape of a heart and the finger nails are painted with gloss to bring out more details.

Her boots is too simple, they could have give it a red color for the lace to match her outfit and give it a little more spark.

While there is only peg that is supporting her entire weight, the figure look so wobbly that it might fall when you move it.  But nope, the hold from the peg up to the figures foot is so tight.  I even had a hard time closing the gap of the shoes and the peg.

I love the hair gradient from orange color slightly turning into a chestnut gold.

The hair flows naturally due to her action. She really looks like moving

I’ll be honest, GSC really did well with her, I can’t find any flaw on her.  I could not even see a single point of derp expression on any angles.

The blush on face is not very visible, for me it will look better if they add a little bit more pinkish.  But since she is performing, we could just say that the sweat washed the makeup blush away.

Such a lovely expression

“Minna~! Iku yo~”


While I am not into this series,  I find this figure really amazing.  All the details are well made and the facial looks is well captured from the anime.   I actually said this to my friend before I reviewed this.  ” I didn’t like the anime, but maybe there is a chance that I will liked the figure even though I have no personal attachment to the character and to the anime”  and it actually came true!

GSC really outdone they’re selves this time.  Although there are some notable things that lacks details such as the boots, the base stand, the absence of mic and the blush on her face.  Just like I said above, figure that has no other option is too boring for me.  Still this figure passed my criteria of judgement.

I hope they make the other members as well because I’m sure that they will all look great together.

Credits to Onegai Onii-chan as the source of this figure and to my fellow nanoha collector who is now a Love Live fan who lent me this amazing figure.

I’ll give this figure a 9/10 rating.


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