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Another great experience with my friends @LiSA

LiSA is one of the mainstream anisong singer in japan had just graced us with her presence on her very first mini live concert in Philippines.

LiSA ~Another Great day in Manila~ is another part of her concert tour across to some part of the world.

The concert was held last June 27, at SM Aura Philippines and there are 2 types of tickets that are sold, the 2998 Pesos ($75) which is the main floor and 999 Pesos ($24) pesos basic tier seats which was the Balcony area that was announce on a later date. The 2998 comes with a free poster with an autograph of LiSA herself and a chance to win on the raffle of LiSA’s polaroid picture during her stay in Manila and a clear file.

Anyways, We got our tickets as early as soon as the ticket selling commence on the nearest mall. And for 2 months, we’ve endured the long wait for the concert.

On the day itself, I arrived at the venue around 7:30 AM. Gate will start to open at exactly 10 AM sharp. Me along with my friends within the line are already planning our attack as soon as the guard lifts the boom on the entrance. Well, we wanted to have a good spot on the concert since they do not have a seating arrangement system.

The mall guard started to open and inspect the bag one by one for each passing attendees.   As soon as I got my turn, I ran through the stairs together with my friends instead of using the escalator at the other side. This was one of the most memorable and funniest moment on the day of the concert.  I actually made it from the 1st floor up to the 5th floor without stopping. I realized on that day that I am such a great runner XD

So from the gate entrance of the mall, up to the Samsung Hall. we’ve raced to reach the 1st line and to at least have the good spot inside the concert hall.  But when finish line is already at sight, another group that came from another entrance is lining up. Those were actually some of my friend as well, but they’ve come from the parking area in the basement, and the reason why they got in there first was because they used the elevator. Cheater! kidding ^^;;

Outside of Samsung Hall

Surprisingly, the amount of people who would watch the event is far more than I’ve imagined.

There are also some concert goods that were up for sale on the event, T-shirt, button pin and a disposable red glow stick.

I choose not to buy any since I’m cashless at that day.

Anyhow, here is the main event.

===Event digest===

While the concert doesn’t implement reserved seating, the first 200 who made it on the line in front of the Samsung hall receives a numbered stub which can be used to leave the area and comeback before an hour before they open the concert doors while having your line reserved. I got the number 26, and that secures me a good spot inside. Y-^o^

Finally, they let the people go inside. Doors opens at 5 PM and Concert starts at 6 PM. Since we got in very early, I was actually feeling asleep already. I wake up very early to reach the venue so I had a lack of sleep. Plus our lunch was a buffet so I can’t help feeling asleep because I ate a lot hehe :3

At exactly 6 o’clock, the lights turned out and a voice on the mic has greeted us. They made us call and shout for LiSA many times. And then suddenly a music played and then LiSA started singing Crossing Field while she runs to greet us.

Here is the set list for the concert in Manila

01. Crossing Field
02. Oath Sign
03. Ichiban no Takaramono -Acoustic ver.-
04. No More Time Machine -Acoustic ver.-
05. Shirushi -Acoustic ver.-
06. Electro Lyrical
08. Rally Go Round
09. Rising Hope
10. Crow Song -Acoustic ver.-

First song was the opening theme of Sword Art Online, which makes the whole audience pump up and stand up from the seats. Honestly I was really surprised with the 1st song. This is really the perfect move to make the audience go on lively.

Oath Sign is the opening theme of Fate/Zero. The performance in here is very great, LiSA burst out with full energy to make the audience jump.

Finally, the Acoustic corner. LiSA actually brought her personal guitarist from her Band, Co-K-san. He was a very great guitarist.

Ichiban no Takaramono -Acoutic Ver-
This one is my most favorite song of LiSA. This was her starting point and where I got to know her. It was an insert song on the anime Angel Beats! I was full of emotion while I hear this song. There was like a flashback inside my mind as I wave my pen light. Remembering that scene on Angel Beats! which I watched around 5 years ago. This moment was really priceless for me.

No More Time Machine -Acoutic Ver-
This was another favorite song of mine from LiSA’s new song. The song was used on Sword Art Online II’s Excalibur arc which was 3 episode only. The song was originally a pop song, but the acoustic version made it more mellowed.

Shirushi -Accoutic Ver-
Before LiSA started to sing, she asked us if we know the anime Sword Art Online. And as we answered “yes” she then let us guest the title of the next song. Shirushi was also used as the ending song for Sword Art Online II Mother’s Rosario Arc.

Electro Lyrical This part was hilarious, LiSA ask us to dance with her. And as she shows the dance steps, everyone goes haywired. “Oh my God Manila!” we are very terrible. but LiSA said “I’am kind so one more time” and then we get to try dance steps again in slow version.

BRiGHT FLiGHT, I’m not familiar with this song much, but the beats and the instrument is so good that it will make you dance as well.

Rally Go Round was the opening theme of the second season of the anime Nisekoi. The hype on the audience is strong that even though I could not relate with the song, I’am interested to hear more because it really is a lively song.

While I haven’t seen the anime yet, I am well informed about the waifu best girl war that is happening around me. LiSA said on her facebook page that she is a Team Chitoge supporter.

Last song is Rising Hope, it is the opening theme that was used for the anime Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. Such a powerful song and performance. Even though my arm is tired as I wave my pen light, as LiSA dance and sing, I can’t help but jump and shout “Hai~” since I am being strengthened by her aura.
Crow Song -Acoustic Ver- is another song from the studio album of Girls Dead Monster. While on the second part of the song, LiSA went down from the main stage and sing more closer to the audience beyond the barricade. This last song wasn’t as hyped as the previous one but it is a very great song to end the night with a bang!
The MC was livelier than I expected. It was because it is LiSA’s first time in the Philippines that she had to give more info about herself. There is also a question and answer during the MC. It was around 5 questions. The question can be submitted on the JMF page along with your ticket number. I’ve submitted one, but my question didn’t get picked on the lottery ^^;;

Here are some of the questions that was picked during the MC part of the concert.

Q. What is your favorite anime?
A. LiSA said it was Nisekoi, but story wise. It is Fate/Zero, she even mentioned that her favorite character was Rider (Iscandar)

Q. What type of guy would LiSA prefers to date?
A. LiSA then look at the audience and then said, there are many good looking guy now, but she cannot choose which one is because every one is cool looking. But she stated that, her type of man is somewhat similar to Woody. Yes, Woody our trustworthy deputy from Pixar’s cartoon movie Toy Story. She explain that Woody is her type of man because he gathers his friends around him and help them a lot.

Q. Why did you cry when you’ve sang Ichiban no Takaramono on the concert of Girls Dead Monster Final Operation?
A. She answered that because it is the final concert, she really felt very lonely.

Q. Which idol do you look upon to?
A. The answer is Avril Lavigne.  It seems she got her style on Avril Lavigne, they’re both have a punk aura around them XD

Q. What is your reaction when you’ve learned that you are performing for the first time in the Philippines?
A. LiSA answered that she doesn’t believe that she has many fans on the Philippines. But when she saw the audience, she is very happy and finally accepted that she has really have a great number of fans in Philippines.

Q. Among the foods that you have tried in the Philippines, what are your favorites?
A. LiSA then answered one by one. And then as we all shout Banana, LiSA Agreed and said YES! BANANA!

Credits goes to LiSA’s official Twitter account @LiSA_OLiVE

Our group picture with LiSA together with Co-K-san and translator-san

Can you find me? XD

Despite that the concert was labeled Acoustic, only 4 out of 10 are acoustic. Which is kinda great on my opinion.  LiSA was first known through her song on Angel Beats! Ichiban no Takaramono, but most of her song are rock based song.

The 2998 pesos Ticket grants you a small meet and greet time with LiSA and you get to have a poster with her autograph.

During the line while LiSA handed the signed posters, I’ve only managed to say this to her, “LiSA-san, sugoi tanoshikata desu” and then LiSA smiled to me and said “Arigatou, see you again”. and then as I moved away and bowed to her, she is waving to me. The moment of talking to her is like forever, I knew it was very short, but when she spoke to me. I got all blanked and then just go~

To be honest, the 2998 ticket is quite expensive. Because I know that the concert time is around one and a half hour. But after the concert, I realized that the her performance during the concert is more than what I’ve paid for.

While LiSA’s color is pink, I only had this blue pen light or light stick to use on her concert.

And of course, I will represent Nana whenever I go, So I wore my Barrier Jacket Live Union T-shirt and Parka Live Grace Opus II XD

I would like to give my utmost gratitude to my friends over at Figucare for half of my ticket were paid by them and Team Onii-chan and Onegai Onii-chan friends who I’ve watched this show together and To Rance Earthlight for the luch treat 🙂


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