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Happy 36th Birthday Nana Mizuki


Today is 21st of January, a really fine day.  36 years ago, my beloved utahime has been born in this world, a songstress which gave me hope on a certain part of my life.  Nana Mizuki, who gently sing inside my heart everyday is celebrating her 36th birthday today!  Come and join us on this special day of her.

Nana-chan turns 36 this year, let’s check out her mini birthday party


First, the venue





A blue color themed set up for this year.  Blue is the color that represent Nana-chan.  You can usually see this color on during her live concert as fans wave a blue color penlight.


A big board greeting our Nana-chan a big “Happy Birthday!”

…and now


Welcome to my birthday party

Here is our princess of the night.  Nana-chan welcoming us to her birthday party!

The blue dress perfectly fits her.

And now for the guest


Here is Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan on their cute dress as well.

(Just to expect from mai2 waifus :3)


Here are both Nanoha and fate giving their gift to Nana-chan.  What could be inside?

Let’s check out the other guest as well~


Here is Milhi and Leon-sama from Dog Days’.  One of the anime where Nana-chan sings for the Opening theme and also voiced the characters, Ricotta and Nanami.


Wee~ Both of them has a gift wit them for Nana-chan.


Here are some of my most favorite nendoroids for shoot.  Hinagiku, Kud and Priecia.


The 3 of them are good friends with little Nana-chan  ^^


Here is Saber and Tsubasa.

Whose playing Fate/Grand Order in here?  Anyone grinding the Sabe Wars event now? XD


A big goodie bag from both of them, and Nana-chan looks very happy with it.


Here is a group picture with the whole cast.

I tried to put them altogether in one picture since that is the essence of a group/class picture.  To be together 😀

And now, the cake of our Princess of the night.


Last year it was pink.  And for this year its blue!~

Every little girl on their special day always ask for a big cake. And here it is,  a cake that is tall enough to reach our small and cute songstress.

Every birthday party, a night will never pass without the celebrant singing.  So here is our great Nana-chan to grace us with her performance.




What could be Nana-chan singing?


Tatoeba kono hoshi no

Katasumi de futari ga zutto

One of my most favorite song by Nana Mizuki last 2015 is Ambivalence from the 11th Album Smashing Anthems. The song is so relaxing but has deep emotion involve.

Yay! Let’s give Nana-chan a round of applause.

And lastly, here is my suprise for Nana-chan.  A cake that I requested for her Name to be written.


Happy 36th Birthday Nana-chan!  I wish that you may always enjoy your singing and voicing career. That you may be successful for this year and onward.  May you also have a good health ahead.  And… May we meet in person someday.

Let’s sing Nana-chan a birthday song again this year~

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Nana-chan~

Happy Birthday to you~!!!

And before we end this night, let us do the annual cake eating hahaha


 Say a big AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Nana-chan

This would be my 3rd year celebrating her birthday like this.  I am so happy that even on her smallest form, I could own her and celebrate this day with her. XD


I was greeted by nana-chan herself with a birthday CD last year.  Being a member of the S.C Nana net, I was given a chance to received such greeting.  I’ll make sure to treat you to “that” curry someday ^^;;


On a side note, Today will be the release of Nana Mizuki’s Live Adventure Blu-ray and DVD.  Although I didn’t order one, I’m hoping to watch it sometime soon.


That is all for this year’s birthday celebration.  Do look forward again for next year’s 37th birthday.


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  1. i was waiting for this ❤ Amazing work as usual 😀

    January 21, 2016 at 2:35 pm

  2. Amazing

    January 21, 2016 at 3:51 pm

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