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My Animax Carnival 2016 experience

Animax Carnival was held this past weekend October 15-16 at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. What’s exciting about this conventions is the concert where 4 artist will be performing for 2 days. That is ELISA and Yanagi Nagi for the first day and Ami Wajima and May’n for the second day.

I attended this years event as an exhibitor as OOC’s assistant and a concert goer.  I was at the event grounds for 3 days. The convention is only 2 days. But since we have a booth there, we are required to set it up on during the ingress day.

Going home very late due to traffic was a tiring one. But that didn’t stop me from waking up 3 AM in the morning and arrived by 5 AM at the venue.  This is for me to finish setting up the booth of Onegai Onii-chan since I’m in charge of its general assembly and arrangements of the stuff inside.

(Onegai Onii-chan’s main booth where I work as a shop assistant)

Afterwards, I immediately fall in line along with my friend at the front door of the concert hall to have our seat reserved for the concert.  Reserving of the seats is done at 10 AM in the morning, instead of the regular reserving method used during the movie shows at theater.   I was able to reserved the center first row seat.  This is due to my credibility to fall in line early.  First is because my friends are lined up at the first half of the line and second was because having a booth inside the event will grant me access to enter the concert ground before the doors opens to the public.   Once the venue starts to open and they let the people in, the whole event starts. So that will let the non-concert goers proceed to the selling area of the convention.   And it will end up having one or two people managing our booth.

So that gives me a reason to fall in line at first.   And yeah, I successfully managed to win the first row center spot. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Animax Staff for letting me line ahead of the others.   As well as to those who are on my back.

Anime conventions are usually just a place to shop for anime goods, cosplay or watch concerts.  But Animax made a little difference to the other previous convention.   They have a lot of entertainment booths such as Karaoke box, trampoline, Playstation VR trial and many more.  And this games are what you need to clear out the quest to win the Meet and Greet / autograph session with either Yanagi Nagi, ELISA or  MAY’N.

Alright, here is my wonderful experience at the event.  I really didn’t plan to join the meet and greet portion. Why? I have a job to at the booth and the quest will take most of my time and that would be a hassle. But my friends are all there to help me.  So yeah, I managed to finish the quest without breaking a sweat.  Upon clearing 10 out of 15 quest, You will be facing a question to win the meet and greet stub.  I aim to join ELISA, because I like her songs and I knew her but not an avid fan.  The question is done by lottery, which a number is written on a piece of paper and drawing a certain number corresponds to a question.  So what I drew was #15 and the task is to name 2 albums of ELISA.

Yeah, that is really easy for an ELISA fan.   Yes, I’m a fan but not to the point I know all her singles and albums. (Even I cannot name all Nana Mizuki’s album and single in one go) So, the question is too simple. But I was not able to answer it. T__T;  To have another chance, I’ll have to fall in line again and draw another question.  My friend that time has already googled ELISA’s album,  so I was like praying to draw the number 15 again.  Finally my turn.  And alas, its actually the #15 question. Which was easy to answer since we browsed it already hahaha. There is only 20 slots available for autograph signing for each artist. So I’ve actually made it in XD

Well, I won the autograph signing stub. But the second problem is what unique item to get signed.  I actually planned to get the figma Angela Balzac, but I putted it on the items to bring for the 2nd day of event since all I thought that she will be performing on day 2.  And yeah, I browse all booths at the event just to find any merchandise of Hayate no Gotoku or any ELISA related items.  I even went to the OO-Kun booth to look for anything.  Even the T- shirts are already sold out.  I did lose hope in finding anything to be signed, until my friend brought up the Saber Nero Bride. And I was like, “Hey, someone was supposed to claim one today from us” and my friend silently whispered saying, “That’s mine correct?” And so we agreed to have the Saber signed.  But they all insist on letting me go find my own item.   Since at the end of the day, the Saber is not mine. That is true. All I really wanted was to meet ELISA. Nothing more. 

So the time finally ticks for the meet and greet session / autograph signing session. While the stage is focus on interviewing ELISA, they gather all the stub holders to fall in line at the side of the stage to get the poster and have it signed.  At the line with my other 2 acquaintances, a lady staff approach me and was curious on what I’m holding. Yes, its the GSC Saber Bride.  She ask if that was ELISA, and I answered it with a

“no, but she will be singing the theme song for the upcoming game for Playstaion 4 and Playsation Vita.”

She was impressed and tells me that “Normally it is not allowed for items like that to get signed, but convince ELISA”. I know the fact that artist are not allowed to sign items like this other than the item they provide or a CD bought at the event. While that thought is torturing me, I still stay positive that I can get it signed. The most important aspect is not to lose hope right even before the battle starts.

So finally its my turn. I’m pretty nervous, and being nervous makes me lose my English grammar even the tiniest basic Japanese sentence I know will surely leave me behind.

As I step up on stage, the crowd start cheering.  I believe that is because of different 3 reasons.

One, its because the crowds were all shocked that I’m carrying a figure to be signed, second its because ELISA herself was amazed on what she saw, yes the beautiful figure of Saber Bride.  I’m sure she has an idea that that reason I’m holding it because she has a connection now to the Fate universe wherein she will be the one to sing the main theme of Fate/Extella. And lastly, that is because a lot of my friends and acquaintances are in the hall and are excited as well with the result.

As I appear in front of her, ELISA was looking on Saber. I courageously spoke to her saying.

“ELISA-san, you will be singing the song for the Fate/Extella, can I have your autograph on this figure please”

I think my voice is to low or what. But her translator translated my message for her. And ELISA gently replies “Sure” as she takes the gold pen I’m holding.

I bowed and express my gratitude for her. The crowd start cheering again as if I won a championship belt.  YES! I REALLY WON ON THIS BATTLE!!! After she signs it, she told me to cheer for her on the concert at night.  And I bowed down again saying. “Hontou ni Arigatou ELISA-san I will surely cheer for you later”.

Originally, the autograph session will give you a poster and then ELISA will sign it on the stage.  But since I asked for a rare sign, I didn’t take any poster home with me. The Sign I got is more valuable so I’m quite satisfied with it.

After the autograph signing, we had a group photo with ELISA from the stage.  I’m glad I stayed in front of the stage

(Pic came from ELISA’s official facebook page)

Oh man! Due to my excitement and extreme satisfaction, I didn’t attend the panel talk for Yanagi Nagi and just immediately rush back to our booth to brag about my new prized possession.  Because of this I’m very fired up for the concert on the evening.

And time flashes instantly for the concert since I’m busy with the booth as well.  Concert starts at 6 PM, I actually arrived there exactly 6 PM since I know that it wont start immediately.

Finally, lights out and narration started with a little info with the first artist which is ELISA. Oh yeah! I actually yell loudly.   She started with the song “Soba ni Iru yo” this song was the 2nd ending song for Valvrave season 1.

Setlist contains anime songs such as Hayate no Gotoku’s [Wonder Wind], [Eonian] of Expelled from Paradise, To Aru Kaganaku no Raigun’s [Dear my Friend] and ended it with [Realism] from Valvrave second season. She also sings her debut song from Ef: A Tale of Memories and Kami nomi shiru no Sekai which anime I haven’t seen yet.

(Picture grabbed from ELISA’s official facebook page)

The performance was so amazing. ELISA performs elegantly, high notes are also coming out and her breath never rans out. This is completely different from what I usually see on her Animelo footage. Aside from that, ELISA herself has a very very cute side. During her MC, she usually smirks on us audience when we reply. She is laughing in a cute way covering her mouth because of some error or mistakes we have haha. How cute of her~ >.<
Even when she tries to speak our language and made error, she laughs at herself while pulling a translation note from her pocket. It really is very funny. XD

And since there is another artist who will be performing. She had to leave already with the last song and gave us a message that she wants to return back in the Philippines.

Next artist is Yanagi Nagi. I don't know much about her, I liked her song from OregaIru and Grisaia series.  She was also the vocalist for the Supercell which is in charge of Bakemonogatari's opening, Kimi no Shiranai monogatari

So far, only Yukitoki and Harumodoki are the only songs I knew from her during the concert.

The concert started around 6:15 and it ended by around 8 PM. The hours concert felt very satisfying. I enjoyed it a lot compared to the previous concert I'v been to. And so, this ends the first day of the concert. ELISA has sung more than 7 songs if I can count and Yanagi Nagi is just around 5 songs.

Day 2 is pretty simple. I arrived at the venue by 5 AM, clean the booth earlier and fall in line to have the first center spot reserved again.

I accomplished the quest similar to the first day to win the meet and greet for May'n's autograph session. But it has another quest wherein you are required to search for OO-kun's sticker all over the venue and you are required to answer the lottery question. By the time I got an OO-Kun sticker, the line is already long and only 2 M&G slots are remaining and I'm at the end of the line so I just left since I won't make it anyways.

Having ELISA's autograph is more than enough and I figure out that I should give chance to others since I already had mine on the first day.

BTW, a friend of mine won May'n's autograph session.  So she also had the chance to have her Sheryl Nome figure get signed.

We put the 2 figures signed on our booth for display and so that the other people will see it as well .

So time passes by and the concert has begun. First it was Ami Wajima. She is just new in the anime industry, having only 2 singles so far.  One is used for the anime Kuromukuro and the other is for The Lost Village.  Since she has less of her own song to perform, she  cover songs from popular anime series. Such as Shingeki no Kyojin’s ending theme Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai and insert song from Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu’s God Knows.  She did pretty great covering these songs.

(Picture came from Ami Wajima’s twitter account)

And lastly, the main dish is up next, May’n. Again, I screamed so much when she entered the stage.

Her setlist contains:

Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare – Shangrila
Giant Step – Kamen Rider Fourze
Iteza gogo Kuji don’t be Late – Macross Frontier
Chase the World – Accel World
Scarlet Ballet – Hidan no Aria
Northern Cross – Macross Frontier
Belief – Taboo Tatoo
Diamond Crevasse – Macross Frontier
Phonic Nation from her album If you…

I can’t help but jump and shout when she makes us fired and to be honest, I’m really tired because I’m hyped already during Waji’s performance. But whenever May’n ask us to jump and shout, it felt like I’m being fueled by her passion. Specially during her Iteza gogo Kuji don’t be late where the part she says “Tondeke” which means fly. I believe she gazes on me and it made me jump. Her energetic motion will keep you accompany through the whole night.

During her first MC, she mentioned that finally she made it in Philippines and remembers the incided 3 years ago. She was supposed to perform here on a Animax convention as well, but was cancelled due to the typhoon that hits the country. She really felt sad when she couldn’t come. Even us the audience have a crossed  thought that maybe her performance would get cancelled again this year since there is a typhoon again at the same time.

And before she sings the last song of the night. She leaves us a heart warming message,

“We may be living on different country, we have different culture, but we are all under the same sky and music always connects us.  I promise I’ll come back so we will meet again”.

My heart melts with her sweet message for us.

(Picture came from May’s official facebook page)

And finally, she ended the night with Phonic Nation. It really felt like a major concert. We sang with her while waving our hands up air singing lalala lalala lalala~

She is the star of this night. The performance is superb! what I see during her show on media is way beyond what she did.  And of course, it will not be May’n without her sexy trademark, the hotpants 😀

No encore granted to us. Yes we yell until the end in both days but sadly they have to follow a strict rule.

I won’t forget this day. My whole night was filled with joy. I will surely attend next years concert if she will join the fray again.

Compared to the previous convention, Animax Carnival’s sales is just pretty normal. So it was less tiring for me as an exhibitor and it lets me pour all my energy for the concert.  Ticket price for GOLD seated is 1200 pesos (Around $25) and that is good for 2 days concert including a 2 day entrance for the convention.  The ticket price is worth every penny you spend ^_^

I apologize if it ended up very long. I just can’t contain all the happiness I had during this recent concert, a wonderful

feeling is bursting up inside me.

And f you managed to read until the end, I’m really thankful ^_^

Here’s a close up picture of the signed base of Saber

P.S: Saber Bride isn’t originally mine, but after the meet and greet session,  My friend Saber King has agreed to let me keep the Saber.  Of course I will pay him for it ^o^


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