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My adventures on Live Island

Few months ago, I had my dream upon me came true. There were plenty of challenges.  But alas,  My very long long dream to attend Mizuki Nana’s concert happened finally.

The tour that I’ve participated was the one from Osaka. I reside in Kyoto, and that is the nearest venue from my place, so we decided to take the lottery for that tour.

Did you know that I was supposed to go to Live Park back in 2016 as well? I already got a ticket for the concert. But things didn’t went well with me so I was unable to fly in Japan that time. I never gave up on my dream to see Nana-chan in person, and now it finally happened.

July 7, Live Island WAVE02 was one of a heck adventure for me. There’s a typhoon that hit the Kansai area. Deep inside I’m really worried, we are on the verge of thought if whether the concert will push through or to be re scheduled. There were no info on the Nana party or the fan club until the actual day that the concert will still push through.

This message keeps on ringing on my iPhone since 6 AM in the morning telling something about the typhoon. (I never get this kind of notification back in Philippines)

I’ve actually made a Teru Teru Bozu, hoping that the rain will subside even just a little.

The actual day has come, the rain never stopped. And the worst part is that the nearest and regular Train that we need to take to reach Osaka had stopped its operation due to heavy rain.

Also some of the roads including the Jukan Express way is closed because of the non stop rain.

We have to take a detour just to reach the train station that operates, and that is Mukomachi station. We parked in there and we transferred and transferred until we reach the loop line which will take us exactly at Osaka-jokoen. We departed at exactly 7am and reached the JO Hall at 12nn. Whew, it was planned that we should be there by 10am since goods selling starts at 11am.

Finally we reached our destination, excitements fills my heart as I saw the Jo Hall. It was raining non stop, and even with these rain and humid atmosphere, a very long snake line can be seen. That line is for the goods selling on Buppan at the back side of the Jo hall.

We had a one very tiring long journey, so we decided to have lunch first. Every place has Mizuki Nana fans loitering around.

While I’m a heavy eater at times, I really do not have enough appetite when I’m excited with something. And you can see it on my simple ordered meal.

After hitting brunch, we hit the queue line for the buppan. To be honest, it really seems impossible as the line is very long. I really wanted to give up falling in line due to endless pouring rain. But I badly need a penlight since I don’t have anything with me at the moment.

And so, we lined up and it took us 2 hours just to reach inside. Again another line inside that leads you to cash and Credit card.

For this day, I only bought 2 penlights, the Limited Edition shirt and the Shushu ( I’ll be giving this to a special someone. I don’t wanna be troubled on the next day having this out of stock). We’ll be attending again tomorrow, I was told to just splurge on the last day so that We won’t have to bring it all day on the concert.

One thing that amazes me is that how fans throw away their money on the goods. I was doing mathematics 3 days before the concert. I’m marking the goods on their website that I will be getting. Originally I only have a budget of 23,000 yen.  And I will only get the things that I know that will be logically “useful” to me and of course, fashionably looking when I used it. But it all changes when I’ve reached the actual site. Bag, Poster B, cap and some other small things but expensive that are not marked on my list

Anyways, when the war at buppan ended, we just chilled out on the nearest Starbucks. The whole establishments were filled with Nana-fans. I hope I can meet new friends on her next concert. But that will not happen unless my Nihonggo improves.

We’ve seated there for like 2 hours since gates will open exactly at 5:00 PM.

I feel sorry for some other fans as they were standing on the rain and has nowhere to stay in.  The weather is really awful. Not to mention that it is Tanabata today.  But this just proves how much they love Nana-chan.  8000 Yen is just a cheap amount.  You can choose not to go on the concert if you don’t like getting all wet on the rain.  But then again, 8000 Yen is nothing if you really wanted to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to see your beloved artist.  This just proves that no matter what happened, they will still support their beloved artist all the way.

Due to the unconditional weather, the staff actually offered a complete refund of your ticket payment in case you can;t make it on the Osaka tour.

And so, they started announcing that the gate is now open,  And there were 4 lines to lineup to.  That is 2 lines for Arena area and Balcony for non members and another same line for SC Nana Fanclub members which I’ve lined up to.

We’ve got a really good seat location for both days. And this is my exact position for the first day. The song that was playing inside  was Surfin USA by Beach Boys.  Perfect theme for a Beach Island theme concert.  It was another hour of waiting inside since most of the people haven’t made it inside yet.

FINALLY! Lights out, a footage played on the screen and suddenly something explosive happened at the center, it was Nana-chan that have appeared on her jet ski!

Wave 02 OSAKA (Day 01) Set list

02.Angel Blossom
03.アノネ~まみむめ☆もがちょ~ / Anone Mamimu Mogachou

During this moment my whole body froze. I entered a blank state wherein I just waved my penlight aimlessly, but deep inside, all my Joys and frustration are mixed up. It took me more than 10 years to see her. It felt so suffering but most of all, it feels so rewarding and satisfying.

I remained tilted for the next 3 songs. Until the first MC hits up.
04.Happy Dive

I started getting hyper on her fourth song. Happy Dive, it felt that this song fueled me to move. I rarely hear this song but it really felt nostalgic.

05.ドリームライダー / Dream Rider
06.沉黙の果実 / Chinmoku no Kajitsu
08.7月7日 / July 7

They bring back the acoustic corner from the previous earlier live as well. And today is July 7th, so the perfect song would be Shichigatsu Nanoka.

This song being played in acoustic feel so heavenly and warmth. Instead of constantly waving my penlight, I just stood still and listened to the song.


Choosing your favorites among all the good song is one very hard task.  I mean, you wouldn’t even put in on your player if you don’t like that certain song.

For that reason, my most favorite song of all time is none other than Phantom Minds.  I love how the violin plays in the background and how it soothes my soul as I listen to it

10.Invisible Heat

I first heard this song back on her concert at Live Union. At that moment, this instantly became one of my favorite dancing song of her.   Her tempting voice and dance steps as she perform this song is really lovely

12.Gimmick Game

After Party Party you give us this??? I literally JUMP high as the background song explodes. One of the best song  to make you hype

13.エゴアイディール / Ego Ideal
14.夏恋模様 / Karen Moyou

One soothing and tender song after consecutive dance songs.  It feels so refreshing, this may not be my favorite, but hearing it live became so special to me.

15.アオイイロ / Aoi Iro

After Eternal Blaze,  I was expecting a break or MC part.  I mean, Eternal Blaze is really tiring song. But no, as I hear the piano keys, I asked myself, Seriously? Next Arcadia is one powerful song and its a back to back performance with the Eternal Blaze.

Music instruments such as piano and violin are one of my favorites.  The sound of keyboard blending with Nana-chan’s voice, I got super excited and said to myself.  WOAH, is this my day? All the songs that I love are playing continuously

19.Justice to Believe

Ahh, I don’t want this song.  For somewhat reason, it just doesn’t sound good to me.



EN02.君よ叫べ / Kimi yo Sakebe
EN03.Birth of Legend(新曲!)

During the MC part, Nana-chan discusses her upcoming single.  One of the spoiler was it will be used as an image song for the Nakau, a Japanese fast food chain where Nana-chan constantly appears to promote the said restaurant.

One of the new song that was featured on this concert tour was Birth of Legend, Nana-chan asked us to sing with her for intro. Which is the wowowowowow~


And with the Pop Master, the concert ended with a BANG!!!

I love Nanoha series so much, and this concert has a lot of songs in it.  I feel that luck is on my side.  Most songs that I love were played on this concert. 80% of the set list were my favorite songs. I’m glad this day was the day I attended.

I really enjoyed the concert more than what I have thought of. There is so much to say. But I will just leave it at that.

We had dinner on a Izekaya near our hotel. And I still don’t have enough appetite. It was so fun that I got knocked out once we reached our hotel.

Day 02 starts. And I’m fully prepared and energized. Before we head to Osaka JO Hall, my friend toured me in Osaka. We went to Namba Dohtonbori area and the next one is on Abe no Harukas. Those place are amazing, but let’s not focus on that.

The first thing that I did when I’ve reached JO Hall was to lineup for Buppan.  And again, its no easy feat. for two reasons.

One, the line is the same as yesterday.  I can’t believe that there were line of same length on the first day.  They could have been the same wave pattern as us.  Just spending everything on the second day.  Second reason, unlike yesterday where it is raining, today’s weather is scorching hot.  Typhoon-san went away already and decided to roast us.

I was able to get everything important on my list.  But  there was something that I wanted but I wasn’t able to get since its sold out already.  Its the big bath towel/beach towel.  I figured that it is nice to pin it on to my room’s front door. hahah

And so, while waiting for the opening of the concert door, I checked the buppan area. There’s a long booth behind the concert goods, this area is for the S.C. NANA fanclub. Here they sell fan member goods and all her previous CD’s ranging from her single, album, character song up to her latest concert.  You can even renew your membership in here.  And I did because I have only 2 months life remaining.

The big welcome arc can actually be found on this area. A lot of people are taking turns on taking picture with it.

It says official fan club!

I wanted this banner and hang it on my room.

There were some things that I have noticed, though I cant say that much since I haven’t attended any concerts in Japan yet, being this is the first one.  Some fans splurges too much on goods, like I saw few fan having a full basket with Nana goods. Girls are the same and most of them pays huge amount of cash.

I’ve seen some few old peeps being on late 50s to 60’s and the youngest that amazed me was this cute child cosplaying from Nana-chan’s Live union tour, the Pirate Nana. Some fans are families too. I heard from afar introducing their child to a friend being a nana fan as well

Some girl fans cosplayed Nana-chan’s outfits from the past live and PVs too. There were groups all over showcasing their collection of Nannette with different costumes.

And so, gates opens. We lined up as soon as possible to escape from this heat. Concert will start a bit earlier this day. I was told that most of the people in Japan lives on a very far places and they have to get home early as each has their own duties on Monday. Like school and work. Well, I have Monday work too and going home late is nothing new for me. hahaha

Look at this weather.

I just can’t.

It feels like I’m in the Philippines once again.

Ohh~ I can almost see the light already

Upon passing the gate, there are these flower stands that are all lined up. I was told that one flower stands is from a group of Korean oppa and another one from Taiwanese.

And the present box. I wasn’t able to give her something but just my letter full of love and gratitude. But promised and said on my letter that I will give her something extravagant on the next time we meet.

I’ve actually toured inside the hall. There is still an hour left before the concert starts. And instead of sitting idly, I just went ahead and loiter around to kill some time. Osaka JO Hall seems small outside, but actually it was really spacious inside.

Day 02 / Wave 03.  Our seat for this day is on Arena area.  I can’t take picture this time since there was an inspector besides me.  Color me excited as it starts!

Wave 03 OSAKA (Day 02) Setlist

02.Angel Blossom

Unlike the first day, I’m no longer frozen on the first set of songs. I pump so much energy as I wave my penlight.

03.Fun Fun★People

Fun Fun People really gives you the groove to dance along with the song. It may not be my favorite, but I liked it as a starting song

04.Happy Dive
05.セツナキャパシティー / Setsuna Capacity

I don’t have any personal bias on this one, but this song usually played on Mizuki Nana’s M no Sekai radio program.  But only the instrumental parts.  Its a bit catchy if I may say.


I’m not really that familiar with this song.  I was about to get this on iTunes store before my flight to Japan.  But I forgot to purchase it. hahah

08.Deep Sea

Today’s acoustic corner was deep sea. There’s a lot of songs that I want to be acoustic. But I guess a lot of fans like Deep Sea.  This song sounds too sad so  I never liked this even before


They changed Phantom Minds into Secret Ambition.  Among the Nanoha songs, this one is probably on my 3rd bottom choice. I mean Massive Wonders is so upbeat and when you compare them specially if you’ve watched the series, you’ll definitely like it more.  Regardless, her performance for this one is still great!

10.Invisible Heat

I really love this song.  Images and scenes of the Nanoha Reflection movie appear on my mind every time I hear this song.  Specially since this is where mai waifu Fate shines the most.

12.Gimmick Game

The Party Party followed by Gimmick Game was a great moment. The spotlights really gives the atmosphere of having a beach party. Oh man! Even up to this day, I can still remember the Gimmick Game performance.  It was super, no EXTREMELY INTENSIFY! Having a back to back Party Party and Gimmick Game is awesome! i don;t mind having the same one over and over again on her next concert.

The MC part for the second day was so hilarious, first of all they made a medley of Eisai Haramasukoi.

Second, we the audience actually cheer for her to dance and sings it too
lastly, there was this bug that chase Nana-chan all the time during the MC part. She really looks disgusted and that made it very cute,

13.エゴアイディール / Ego Ideal
14.夏恋模様 / Karen Moyou

MC Part, Nana-chan discusses and gave us a tiny bit of spoiler for the Nanora Detonation movie. During that time, it hasn’t been screened anywhere else.   When I’ve watched the movie, she is right.  The fight scene on the movie is really intense!
15.アオイイロ / Aoi Iro

This song was played during the first day.  The fun part on this song is where you wave your muffler towel in the air.  And so I didn’t buy it because I find it useless.

I feel so pathetic among the audience since I don’t have any towel to spin in the air.  I actually have the Nanoha Innocent muffler towel, but I left it at home. hahaha GENIUS! But no worries, since my friend lent me his. 😀


Happy Happy Go Round~ NANA!!! What a lively song.  The whole audience jumps, shouts and dance as we wave our muffler in the air!  I hope I can hear this again on her next live

To be honest, I never liked Eternal Blaze. Yes, I love Nanoha so Much. And A’s would be the best arc among the 4 TV series. But for some what reason, I can never bring myself to love it. But it all changes when I heard it Live. The heat and passion when Nana-chan sings it, you can feel the blaze directly inside your heart


Next Arcadia twice in a row. It made me jump so much. I really love this song ❤


Ahh~ good thing they changed Justice to Believe.  And what’s more, Exterminate from Symphogear.  I wanted to hear this live, being my most favorite song from Symphogear (Gyakkou no Flugel was my favorite, but it is a duet between Takayama Minami and Nana-chan)


Nana-chan runs around the whole stage to wave to her fans.  Her running while singing really gives her the vibe of a Fearless Hero.  Not afraid of tripping or lose her voice as she runs.  This song is my favorite song among the Dog Days opening songs

I think Encore is give for every concert, but on this day.  It seems she’s taking so long to get back on the stage.  So I was thinking there is none today? So I’ve shouted a lot of Encore and NANA during this part.  I don’t want this to end suddenly.


And so, she came back! Nana appeared on a sailing boat and reach those who are located far on the stage.  While I reside on the arena area and a bit close on the stage, she still sails around the whole concert hall.   She is so cute and as white as a soap!

23.Birth of Legend(新曲!交響性ミリオンアーサー主題歌)

Again, we were given an instruction to sing with her.  Even attending the first day, doesn’t help me sing along. I didn’t get the pattern of the wowow wow wow part  hahaha


Even if POP MASTER was the same encore song from the previous day, it is still the best song that can use to put a period on this 2 day concert.

Back to back  concert in a row, it really leaves me speechless as I leave the hall. The performance that I regularly seen on her concert footage exceeded my expectation. The energy, the passion on singing are all amazing. And the fact that She is really cute and pretty in person remains the same.

  • Question: Which day do I prefer, Wave 02 or Wave 03?
  • Answer: If I were to choose between the 2, I prefer the Day 01. Although I don’t like Mamemu mou gacho so much
  • Question: Will you still watch her other lives after this?
  • Answer: Of course! For me, this is just the beginning of my road to meet her.
  • Question: Any Disappointments?
  • Answer: None, it actually exceeded my expectations.  Apart from the concert songs, all I thought that same song will be played on both days. But nope.

As a Nana fan, there were some songs that I like and some that I don’t.  For instance it was Eternal Blaze, I can’t stand hearing it while I’m on my headphones.  It hurts my ear drums.  But some changes during this concert, there were some songs that I didn’t like on their pre recorded format.  But when I heard them live, it became clear.  And Yes, her performance made a bigger impact on me.

I said before, this was almost a 10 year journey for me.  A lot of struggles came in, some friends mock me on being a nana fan and how I will not be able to attend any of her concert or how less I spend cash on her goods.  All those things made this happen.  I would not be able to see her in person if I gave up way back then.

As I leave the venue, a never ending happiness can be seen on my face. I don’t want this 2 days to end.  I’m really tired and all, but the experience is priceless. I waved my hand to JO Hall saying that, I’ll be back again.

It was my personal wish to attend her concert on her own home court, meaning, on Japan itself.  That is because I know she can perform well on her own stage. For those close friends who always supports me to reach this long dream of mine, this success is not mine alone, but yours as well.  Thank you  🙂

Here is a complete list of the goods that I hoarded.

A certain someone told me that Nana Mizuki’s concert goods were so expensive.  The price is different compared to the group she was supporting in the west :p

I’ve spent a total of 43,000 Yen on this concert. It was my first time, so might as well splurge everything

Oh and yeah, here is the scrunchy that I’ve bought for my special someone.

I’m sure that that this concert is not my end of Journey for her, but just the prelude to everything 🙂

If you have questions, just leave them at the comment or PM the facebook page.


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