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[Event] Sword Art Online EX Chronicle in KYOTO

Earlier this year.  I was able to attend SAO event in Kyoto.  luckily it coincide with my January-February trip.  So I was able to join this exciting event


Happy 40th Birthday Mizuki Nana!

On this year, we are celebrating a lot of events circling around Nana-chan.


My adventures on Live Island

Few months ago, I had my dream upon me came true. There were plenty of challenges.  But alas,  My very long long dream to attend Mizuki Nana’s concert happened finally. (more…)

My Animax Carnival 2016 experience

Animax Carnival was held this past weekend October 15-16 at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. What’s exciting about this conventions is the concert where 4 artist will be performing for 2 days. That is ELISA and Yanagi Nagi for the first day and Ami Wajima and May’n for the second day.


Another great experience with my friends @LiSA

LiSA is one of the mainstream anisong singer in japan had just graced us with her presence on her very first mini live concert in Philippines.

LiSA ~Another Great day in Manila~ is another part of her concert tour across to some part of the world.


Sunday date

Valentines has just ended, but love and caring for someone can last forever.


Day of Hearts

First of all, I would like to greet you all a one big HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

How is your day? Did you receive a chocolate from a certain someone?

Whether its a Tomo choco, Giri choco or a Honmei choco we should all be thankful for what we’ve received.


Waiting for Santa

Here is a little story I made

X’mas eve
A little girl named Fate sleeps a little early, hoping that Santa claus will visit her room then give her a gift.


Valvrave Hito -Painted Build-

Let me present something new today

Valvrave Hito (Innocent Zero) from the anime Kakumeiki Valvrave. This kit was commissioned to me. I got this project last June and it took me until end of September to get it done.


Rubber straps showcase

Lets take a little break from figures.

I’ll be showing you today my rubber straps collection of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. My friend from Japan sent these cute rubber straps keychain. (Thank you Onii-chan ^^) They’re from the Ichiban Kuji of Banpresto last year.


MxG note log

Here is my first note ever in this blog.

First of all, how are you guys?  sorry for not being able to update this blog much.  I’ve been lazy  busy  lately because we moved out on a new house.  And I was unpacking and arranging my stuffs for a couple of days.

Also, one of the reasons why I didn’t had a chance to update the site is because I’m busy working on these guys.

Since I started to work as a commission artist on Figucare, I’ve got this overwhelming projects to assemble and paint.

Mostly of those I assembled were up on the Facebook page instead in here for quick upload and review.

Anyways, I’ll try to add more updates later.  Be sure to check back guys~

See ya~

Happy Valentines Day

In Japan, Valentines Day is a very important day for all the girls.

It is a special day where they show their true feeling for their love partner or for their friends and acquaintances.


2014! 1st January Loots

Its the 1st month of 2014 and at the same time, the last day of the month

Sharing my new hauls courtesy of my “Dear Friend” from Japan who just recently visit and flew back again just this passed day.


Merry Xmas to everyone

Its Christmas few hours from now, and I just finished my x-mas card for all of you.

Featuring nendoroid Nanoha, Fate and Nana Mizuki on a Santa-claus outfit^o^



Ichiban Kuji: Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s prize campaign

Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji Nanoha makes another comeback for another prize campaign.
This is their 2nd set of release for the Movie 2nd A’s. The first one was release around February.

The campaign starts last August 31, 21013.

This Ichiban Kuji of Nanoha is only available at Sunkus, a convenience store in Japan.  Unlike with the others that are present on other conbini Lawson, 7-11, etc.   Each try cost for 800 yen and its a lottery, which means you can only count on your pure luck at drawing the lucky card.

I’m not from Japan, but a very lovely friend of mine lives there and partake on the event on my stead XD


Still Alive and Kickin’ ^o^

Hi, its been a while since I last post something here.

I’ve been very busy with nothing on the past XD
I really wanted to post something new in here, but just can’t think of anything.
lately it was just some hauls and some more hauls I’ve been posting and havent had the time to do review or a figure shoot. Also got my gear broken last December T_T well, don’t worry about that much ’cause I got a newer one but not that superior compare to the last one.

Here is my latest shot, using Sony Cybershot.

ALTER Fate Testarossa ver. Phantom Minds

I took this photo to match my friend’s Nanoha’s Stand By Ready photo which is my source of inspiration for this picu.  So, I did not bother taking different angles and pose. Well it turned out so good than I expected, Its a new achievement for me ^o^

Moving on, for my upcoming post, I plan to do some picture review of my existing figures and toys. Mainly I will took pictures of it, but will not do an in-depth review of it. I know that I am not updated on some new stuffs, for I’m still trying to get all the past release that I’ve missed out. But doing that will help me gain some experience when shooting figures and hope I can get s

Here is my glass display cabinet, I took this photo around November 2012 last year.

Showcasing my pair of SQ Figure MSL Nanoha Movie 1st and some few small figures.

Finally, I know that this beloved blog of mine doesn’t get updated regularly, I’m really trying my best to come up with some new post. So I hope you can still visit this little part of my world. I plan to continue this, for I know this is one of the records that I can see for myself on how I progress with my hobby and interest and a blog that I can share with the future generations.


P.S Alive and Kicking is also one of Nana Mizuki’s Album title

May Loot

Got a package delivered by EMS the other day. It came from my Japanese friend



Meri Kurisumasu minna~


TOC xmas party