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Happy Easter Sunday!


Today, I did a quick shoot for Easter Sunday theme along with my bunnies.


Beach Adventure and Summer Memories

Few weeks ago, I get to experience beach here in my country.  Its my first virgin experience on my own land.   But counting from beach experience.  This would be my second time since I was able to experience it last summer back in Japan.  Yes,



Happy 38th Birthday, Nana Mizuki!!!


Today is one of the very special event for me during January.  After Christmas and New year, January 21 is another date where I celebrate.  Yup, Its Nana Mizuki’s birthday!!!


Happy 36th Birthday Nana Mizuki


Today is 21st of January, a really fine day.  36 years ago, my beloved utahime has been born in this world, a songstress which gave me hope on a certain part of my life.  Nana Mizuki, who gently sing inside my heart everyday is celebrating her 36th birthday today!  Come and join us on this special day of her.


Sunday date

Valentines has just ended, but love and caring for someone can last forever.


Day of Hearts

First of all, I would like to greet you all a one big HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

How is your day? Did you receive a chocolate from a certain someone?

Whether its a Tomo choco, Giri choco or a Honmei choco we should all be thankful for what we’ve received.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone~

I wish you a prosperous New Year. I hope you reach your dreams and accomplished many things this year. May you and your loved ones always have good health.


Happy Valentines Day

In Japan, Valentines Day is a very important day for all the girls.

It is a special day where they show their true feeling for their love partner or for their friends and acquaintances.


Digimon Adventure RPG on PSP


Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines

Due to the continuous success of Team Oniichan, the head of the group decided to make a forum, for us to find more individuals and make them as our new friend and figure comrade collector.


(Late) Happy Valentines Day

I’m late XD

But better than never…


Did not have the chance to take some pictures for this valentines, so I’ll just let my daughter greet you in my place


Happy Valntines Day minna~

My previous valentine post can be found here

I’m back >.< + Loots

Well, after being in hiatus for more than a month.


Loot of the month


Resident Evil: Damnation

Resident Evil or Biohazard in Japanese together with CAPCOM announced a sequel for the first CG movie Resident Evil: DeGenaration


Mugen X Gattai is now Activated!