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Beach Adventure and Summer Memories

Few weeks ago, I get to experience beach here in my country.  Its my first virgin experience on my own land.   But counting from beach experience.  This would be my second time since I was able to experience it last summer back in Japan.  Yes,


One of the reason aside from hanging out with friends was to do beach photo shoot with figures.  Not just me, but my friends bought their respective figure to shoot with.

And I wasn’t sure how they would turn up on the beach, so I bough 5 figures along with me.

  • Alter Fate Testarossa
  • Flare Altina
  • Banpresto EXQ leafa
  • Banpresto EXQ Alice
  • Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Scatach

The entire time we spent on the beach, I was barely swimming.  I was coped up with taking good pictures for my figures, rather than taking a dip on the ocean.  Surely it feels nice to swim, but going on a beach is a very rare occasion for me.

This wasn’t my first outdoor shoot, but this one is definitely challenging which I never imagined.  Lighting will always be good when doing outside shoot, but the main challenge here for me is the wave.  As the wave comes, either my figure will get wash away along with it, or it it will be covered with the sand.

See Fate above, as the wave splash and sand gets into her while I was taking a steady shoot.

Letting the figure stand around the beach shore really takes you the level of beach photo shoot.  Taking them outside really brings up their inner beauty and appeal as a swimsuit figure.

The sand is not as white as how I imagined, and the ocean is not as clear as I’ve thought, but the subject and the scene blended together, and it created an everlasting memories for this summer beach trip.

It took me more than 260 shots and only few came out nice.  Some are blurry, some are not focused and most of the time, the figure is covered with sand.   Still I was able to capture one great photo for each of my date.  I’ll just put here all the good shots that I’ve taken.

Alter Fate Testarossa -Swimsuit ver-

This scene was the one that I had in mind when I bought Fate along with me.  I want to capture her smile as she floats in the water. Truly a summer memories.  I’m glad it turned out well ^o^

Banpresto EXQ Leafa Swimsuit ver.

Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Scatach 

I can’t take a decent shot for Scathach, since the wave is robbing her from me.  I couldn’t even count how many times I run for her as the splash took her away while I was taking a photo of her T__T

Flare Altina Mel Sylphis – Shining Beach Heroines – Swimsuit ver.

I love how cute Altina’s embarrassed look as the sun set’s.  It give’s me a bit of a vibe of  dissatisfaction as we go home from our date after a long day of splash and fun.

We also did exchange in taking a picture of each others figure.  So here’s my take for the other girls.
Alter 1/7 Maki Nishikino Swimsuit ver.

GSC 1/7 Utaha Kasumigaoka Swimsuit ver and Banpresto EXQ Alice 
Wave Beach Queens 1/10 Saber Alter
Wave Beach Queens 1/10 Konata Izumi

This is one of my favorite shots, it took me just 2 shots to get this splashing result. We can clearly see Konata’s expression as the cold splashes of water hits her by surprise from behind.

I’m using my 10 year old Sony Digicam on this. Its not even water resistant, but since it is the only camera I had (except for my iPhones) I had no alternatives. I’ve thought of getting a bit latest but cheap digicam, I still love taking a picture of my figures but since I rarely had time to do so, I’ll just consider it next time.

I enjoyed our outing so much. So many anime related topics to talk to, laughing moments, Samba de island from FGO and non stop Jibun wo, COLORS by FLOW on our whole traveling period. With this experience, I was able to check the “beach photo shoot” on my bucket list.  This is one dream come true for me.

Which one is your favorite photo among the ones that I’ve taken?  There’s still along way ahead for me to get better with photo shoot, but I was fairly satisfied with all the ones that I’ve taken.


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  1. Fate on the beach is gorgeous!

    May 8, 2019 at 2:50 pm

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