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Happy 37th Birthday Nana-chan!


Today is January 21st and this special day goes to our Utahime, Nana Mizuki-chan.

Just like the usual, everyone is invited to her party.

The theme for this year is  mini birthday concert.  As you may know, today was also Live Zipangu, her part concert tour at Osaka Hall.  Me any my friend aims to go in here today since its very near on his place.  But maybe next time… ^^;;

So in compensation of not being able to attend on this year’s birthday concert at Osaka Japan.  We will just celebrate in here, and for those who weren’t able to attend as well, come join us! 😀

Here is the venue of our mini birthday concert

So we have lights, mic, speakers and a stage of course.

Now, let us all welcome the birthday girl.  NANA MIZUKI-chan

Let us all give her a round of applause *claps claps*

Having a kimono style outfit, there is certainly no better song to perform other than “Junketsu Paradox”

Everyone at the audience area are all pumped up!

From the past Japanese concert I have attended this past events, there is this shocking feeling wherein the artist will make eye contact on you and wave at same time.  This is one of the most sweet moments during the concert, you feel so special among the entire audience.

And now, any birthday party will not be completed without the gift giving.

Here is our lovely guest with their presents

First, Hinagiku and Priecia

Nana-chan is very delighted with the gift she just received.

Next would be Milhi and the gallantous, Leon-sama

(I really haven’t started watching Dog Days season 2 and 3.  But I really love the series since everyone is all cute. >=<)

And the last set of the guest are…

Its no other than my mai waifus, Nanoha, Fate-chan and Tsubasa (Well, technically all of them are mai waifu ^w^)

Nana-chan is so happy having so many gifts.  Not only from the attendees, but also from those who cannot make it on her special day.

And now, one last song before we end the birthday concert…

What is your most favorite song of Nana-chan that you wish to hear personally?

For me, its no other than “PHANTOM MINDS”  It is my all time favorite song.  It was also the ending song used on my favorite anime, Nanoha.

Here is our so cutie Nana-chan as she exit on the stage…

“Thank you everyone”

As a birthday girl, she also needs time for herself and love ones…  But wait, Nana-chan really loves her fans and friends, so she is coming back for an encore!!!

“Encore, Encore, Encore”  As mention on the past concert, I scream so loud for an encore.  While my voice and energy is almost out, once I saw the artist performing her best.  I can’t help but to feel energetic again.

And YES, here is Nana-chan walking back on the stage.

She is very lovely on that dress ❤

“Thank you for being a part of my day, all this hard work and fun will not be completed without you all”

As Nana-chan always give her best regards to us during her live, I can’t help but to feel sad.  All those supporters and fans.  She is one big star which is love by everyone.  Reaching that spot is not easy.  All her hardship paid off.  I’m super happy for Nana-chan.

“Please listen to my latest song from the Neogene Creation, Zettaiteki Kofukuron”

This is one of the best song that I love on her recently released album.  Even the PV itself is so lovely.

And now… Let us give Nana-chan our birthday present for her.

I bought another cake for Nana-chan herself this year.  of course, I ask for her name to be put on the cake 😀

I don’t really get a cake for myself during my own birthday, so instead of me.  I’ll just let Nana-chan have one.

Yep, you can dive on the cake Nana-chan XD

Everyone, let us all sing a birthday song for Nana-chan.

“Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you!  

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday~ Happy Birthday Nana-chan~!”

Please wish before you blow the cake…

For this year, I wish you all the best as always.  Our roads aren’t meeting yet, but I’m sure one day we’ll meet each other.  Good luck with all your performance.  And may your song reach out more people.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Happy Birthday Nana Mizuki-chan.  I will always love you ❤

oh nononnononono.  I will never forget the tradition we started.



Nana-chan is very delighted for you to be present on this year’s party as well.  She will look forward for this again by next year.  Thank you everyone!

Working during your birthday is pretty hectic.  I’ve experienced it myself twice already. While it was fun since you get a lot of birthday greetings, a lot of people as well requires your attention for work related.  Working and at the same time you spend quality time with your friends and love ones is one tiring day.  But as long as you enjoy everything, all will turn out good at end of the day.


And thus, the part ends for today.  Let us all support Nana-chan on every way we can.  And may you also be present for our future parties.



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  1. amazing job as usual! Nana is love ❤

    January 20, 2017 at 11:40 pm

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