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Happy 38th Birthday, Nana Mizuki!!!


Today is one of the very special event for me during January.  After Christmas and New year, January 21 is another date where I celebrate.  Yup, Its Nana Mizuki’s birthday!!!

Nana Mizuki also hold her last concert tour for this season.  Its Nana Mizuki Live Gate! With various popular guest every live, her concert has evolved into another awesome live.

With the yearly celebration.  Let’s head to Nana-chan’s party now!







This year’s theme is Japanese style party.  I got another help from my mom for the dress and few accessories for this party.  The venue is a very traditional Japanese style

Now, here’s Nana-chan welcoming us,  Her guest for this year.


Nana-chan is dressed on custom Kimono which is sewed by my mom.  She looks like a Japanese princess on this outfit ❤

Now, its time for the guest to arrive.

Since the theme is Japan.  Everyone gets to wear their kimonos too.

Look how lovely Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan on those dress >.<

Last summer 2017, I got to wear a Yukata for a small town Natsu Matsuri.  It was really fun and felt satisfying to wear a traditional Japanese outfit.  Plus, I’ve get to see a lot of cute girls on their Yukata as well ^^’;;

Now, time to let the party started and have the guest dig in.




As a birthday celebrant, one of your roles is to entertain all your guest and share a memorable bond with them.  And here’s Nana-chan doing it so.



The King of Knights, Artoria is also a heavy eater.  Looks like she is very excited to indulge every food in the table.

I got Saber Artoria on my guaranteed SSR draw last new year in FGO. At first, I was a bit disappointed since this is a duplicate copy already.  On a brighter side, I really love Saber even before.  So its not that bad at all.


Everyone seems to be having fun!

Lately, Me and my friends usually dine on a buffet restaurant.  And what you see here is how we usually look.  Lots of foods in the table plus continous burst of laughter XD


Now, time for another set of entertainment.


Here is a built in stage where our goddess would grace us her lovely voice.


Let’s be quiet guys.  And focus our ears and hearts.







Which Nana Mizuki song did you liked so much last 2017?  For me, its Destinys Prelude and Invicible Heat.  When I was in Japan last summer, I watched the road show of Nanoha REFLECTION on MOVIX theater at Kyoto City with my friend. The movie was really nice and it won’t be a perfect movie without a good matching music.  Hearing it on the theater made me fall in love with it.

And that concludes the special concert or our birthday girl.  Let’s give her a warm applause.



Live Gate 7th day concert tour also concludes today.  Nana-chan is really happy for those who have watched her concert in person and in the live viewing theaters.  Thank you as well for your warm support as always.

And for those who have not managed to watch her concert, never give up!  Just do your best and persevere, surely a hard work effort will bear a fruitful reward someday!


And of course, let us not forget the main and very important thing during birthday celebrations.  YES, CAKEEE!!!


Bought another cake for her with her name written on it.  I was planning to get an extravagant looking cake.  But I was very short on time and some cake shops are too far from my place.  I’ll put a better effort on this part next year 😉


And now, as Nana-chan prepares to blow her candle and make a wish.  Its time for us to sing her a birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday dear Nana~

Happy Birthday to you~”

I wish for you to be more successful on your career as both seiyuu and as a singer. I hope you can open up more horizons on your work and your adventure can become more fun and exciting.  Please stay safe and always remember that we love you so much. Stay positive and as what you always say,

“Mizuki Nana, Kakatekoi!!!~” 

And of course, my most favorite part XD


“Nana-chan, say AAAHHHH~

This won’t end on a regular birthday post without me, feeding Nana-chan.  I mean, every time I do this.  I can’t feel but say  “aww, she’s so cute”

So yeah, expect this every year XD


And now, after a very long day.  This ends the party and its time for our guest and Nana-chan say goodbye for now.


“Thank you for visiting again this year.  I hope you’ll continue your support on us.  See you on our next birthday celebration.  See you!!!~ ^-^”



Each and every day, I feel like that our gap together is drawing closer and closer. Last year, I was able to achieve my dreams.  I finally got to land In Japan! I saw the 1/1 Gundam which I’ve really dream of.  Countless places that  I have went to, in which you and I connect in some ways. Kari Kari Hakase, Suzumushii temple, Nakau and many other else.

This year. I hope I can achieve another part of my dream and many wishes.  That is to meet you in person, see your live concert and more~ ^O^

I can’t wait for that day to happen, and almost everyday.  I keep imagining those moments when I finally get to see you.

Thank you for always giving me a source of power with your radiant smile.  For those lovely songs you always sang, they give me a really nice company during my solo moments.

And again, from the very bottom of my heart.  Thank you and I love you ^o^

Kyaah XD


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  1. amazing job as usual! Kimonos are brillant soo congratulations to your mother as well. Kimono nanofate are too adorable ^_^

    January 22, 2018 at 2:22 pm

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